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It was wonderful last year to have ready made devotionals to do throughout December as part of our Christmas school or for family home evening.

In all the energy and excitement and busyness of the holiday season it was like a balm to the soul to have those moments of blessed, holy stillness as our family took the time to focus even more on the miracle of the Christ child and the joy, love, and hope He brings.

Monserrat, Cranial Hiccups
With my young family, I really want to start having more Christ-centered traditions during Christmastime. I want my children to think about giving, love, kindness, and of course the birth of Christ. Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas is a quick read that is full of great ideas! I love the feelings I felt while reading this book. It has really gotten me motivated to make sure that our family traditions are more focused on Christ with Santa still there, but just not the main focus.